Workaway in Italy – Our First Experience

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Workaway in Italy

We left Portugal to go to try a new experience. A Workaway in Italy. Our stay was at a wonderful mountain farm listed on Arianna and Giorgio were the managers of the farm.  They were in a bit of a pickle! Stuck without anyone to look after their farm and about to head off on their honeymoon. We were preparing to leave Portugal, after being there for a couple months, and had just set up a profile on Workaway. They found us and asked if we would come to care for their farm while they were away. We packed immediately and rushed straight there in the car.

With only a couple of days to spare, they took us through everything that needed to be done and then rushed to the airport. So, there we were, the new temporary managers of an Italian alpine farm.

They flew to Tahiti

We set to work sorting and cleaning first. It was the end of winter and everything needed a good spring cleaning. The kids took to the farm chores like ducks to water. The kids loved looking after the horses. Our youngest daughter fell in love with Nebius, Arianna’s big dog. They were basically inseparable. Eddie and Vivi took a shining to planting out the vegetable patch as well.

We stayed in a bunk room that we had all to ourselves. There was a fireplace and a massive living room next to it that we also had to ourselves. Arianna also runs a weekend-only restaurant, during the week, we were able to cook up delicious meals in a fantastic commercial kitchen.

They cooked wonderful meals for us on their return. Put on a big Pizza party and invited all their friends who brought delicious homemade cheese and cured meats they made on their own farms.

We had looked for a Workaway in Italy and other countries before they messaged us. It was a stroke of luck they caught us before we made any other plans.

We loved our time with them and will go to visit them again… anytime!

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