Why Do We Have A Shop and Affiliate Links?

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Maybe you are wondering why do we have a shop and offer affiliate links? After all, isn’t this a personal blog, the exposé of our nomadic lifestyle? Why are you selling us stuff?

We aren’t, that’s not our purpose anyway. The reasons we put this stuff here are several and I wanted to write this post to clarify our intentions and to help you understand us. At least this aspect of what we are doing. But let’s start at the beginning.

Our Mission

 To grow, to experience, and to share that growth. We believe that all people want to lead an inspired and fulfilled life. Through experiencing each other’s lives, we learn that none of us is so different after all.

We have the power to change the world at our fingertips. As more and more people realise this, our world will transform. We want to help show the way.

Vero was recently invited to submit photos for a Mangum Exhibition in Italy. Magnum is a society of Photographers that was founded in 1947 and is a very prestigious group indeed. She was honoured to be asked to be a contributor. We went along to the interview and were greeted by smiling faces and friendly people who were the organisers.

Whilst this experience itself was wonderful, and they loved her photos and requested them for the exhibition, what came from it for us going through that process was the most important part. It helped us to crystalise our purpose even more and to understand that we needed to define the themes that drive us.

So, Why?

It begged us to ask ourselves and give ourselves the answer the deepest question about why we are doing this. We realised that some might see it as a justification for random travel, others as self-serving or seeking notoriety, after all, so many of today’s ‘Influencers’ appear to have these as their sole purpose.

We choose this way of life intentionally, even though it can be incredibly uncomfortable at times. I just spent the last week doing intense manual labour chopping down trees and clearing land, just to keep a roof over our heads. It also provides us with exceptional experiences, such as our recent trip to Terma Di Saturnia.  For all it’s ups and downs, it is our life and we have chosen it with eyes wide open.

We believe that the more people travel, the more tolerant of others they become and that this, along with a conscious choice on all our parts and other factors, will change the world.

Why do you Share your Experiences in a Blog?

We share it with you in the hope that it seeing how we travel might make some of you who could be sitting on the fence decide to jump off that fence. So we share, in the hope, we will inspire and help bring about change.

We have watched others who talked about how they saved and planned to set off on their adventures, some of them taking years to prepare themselves, maybe that is the smartest way to do it… But it wasn’t how we did it. We just fell into it, in fact, we kind of didn’t realise we were doing it until we were well and truly already doing it.

So it isn’t always about a bunch of planning and saving, but why the products, why the affiliate links? It is our way of asking you to give back something for sharing the benefits of our experience. The services we suggest will help you when you venture out and gives us a ‘kickback’ for sharing. And we know they will help because they have helped us in all sorts of ways. With the Affiliate links, there is no cost to you at all, the companies we suggest to you build this cost into their pricing, if you go directly to them, they just keep the portion that would have been our commission for the referral.

Why do we have a shop?

With the shop, we love being creative. We try to put our creativity into a format that is fun and functional. So we create Items that remind the wearer of the potential of travel. We don’t really promote it, but we give the money from the sale of the items the kid’s design to the kids for their design work, we put the rest of it aside for projects we want to support.

I’ve helped to build bridges for isolated communities in Nepal, to build a school in Fiji, I funded the shipment of medical equipment for isolated communities in the south pacific and to helped to hand out free wheelchairs to villagers who could never afford one and other things like this. I remember giving the wheelchair to one lady who I then pushed over to visit her sister on the other side of the village who was also incapacitated. It was the first time they had seen each other in 5 years… we all cried.

To be totally honest, it also helps us to feel appreciated too. Our kids have a chance to see in a very practical way, that their creativity can be a source of income. We also love the confirmation that what we are doing actually means something to you.

We all want to feel important to others, it is a fundamental part of being human isn’t it?

Would you Refer Something just for a Commission?

That’s the question on everyone’s lips, isn’t it… The simple answer is we wouldn’t and we never will. It would be a bum steer and that isn’t how we operate. We use it and keep using it and if it is really useful and simple to use and makes our lives better, then we will suggest it to you. It’s really that simple. Sometimes we feel like we are product testers.

Do you Get this Stuff for Free, in the Hope you will Promote it?

We buy the stuff we use. No one sends us free gear, at least not yet. When they do, if we really liked it and want to keep it and use it, we will pay them for it. If we then promote it, they will pay us a commission for the referrals. After all, fair is fair.

Basically, we aren’t in this to make money, but we’d like to get some benefit from what we do. We know this will never make us rich, we don’t care. We just want to keep travelling, sharing what we learn, and we want to be inspired by us and maybe get out here too.

The long and short of it is. If you like what we are sharing with you, click our affiliate links and buy our stuff in the shop and I promise you, we will all be happier!

Thank you for coming here, please leave a comment, think of it as signing your name on this page!

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