We Are Out on the Water… Sort of!!!

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Ok… We got out on the water, but before you start to laugh, I just want to say, we have to start somewhere, ok!

We are still deeply in the research phase of the purchase cycle, doing some work in Malta, and waiting for our commission to come through. The wait has been agonising, but instead of letting it get us down, we decided to get proactive and do stuff.

This video is a product of that desire to be productive. Vero keeps telling me it isn’t good enough. I keep telling her that it’s better to be pushing out videos than getting them perfect. It seems to me we could spend hours perfecting and perfecting and basically have less to show for it.


Look at her work! It’s wonderful! My toughest task is getting her to see the videos as I see them, wonderful! To her credit, she is coming around and coming around fast.

It’s one of the many things I love about my wife, She gets past her blocks really fast. I could tell you about all the others, well, maybe not all, this is a G-rated website after all. The whole thing was shot on the new Osmo Pocket we bought the other day. Even though this was within a couple days of buying it, Vero has already begun to master the awesome little device.

For our loved ones in Indonesia, who can’t access vimeo

Here is the link to the video on youtube: https://youtu.be/w3EJTDe73TI

P.S. This video is about us going out on the water, for the afternoon, in one of the cool little Eco Donut Boats (www.ecodonut.eu). I have been helping them to set up their website and develop their strategy for entering into the EU market. It’s not a plug for them, as we just shot it to actually practise using the new little gimbal camera.

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