Travel to Russia, My Thoughts on Politics, the USA and Russia

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As you know, we decided to travel to Russia. Travelling isn’t always easy when you do it full time. You’re not a tourist and everyday life becomes part of your travel around the world. Right now I am sitting in a playground in Tomsk, Russia and wondering what do other people do when things aren’t going the way you want them to?

Do you push back? Or do you push through? Do you resign yourself to it and lower your expectations? Or do you give up and tell yourself you deserve nothing more or different? I really want to know how YOU deal with the tough times… Some advice would be greatly appreciated!

This is what I do…. I ask myself, “What’s the lesson in this?”

Where are the Lessons

I’m sure that in all adversity there is a lesson. Well, actually I think in every moment of our lives there is a lesson to be learnt, not just in adversity.

It also begs the question, “What is adversity?” Because if you look at any situation that you initially perceive as ‘bad’ you can also find ‘good’, it’s usually just a matter of where your focus is.

So for everything that ‘happens’ to you, you can see it as good or bad and the actual reality is that each thing that happens has elements of both!

And there are lessons to be learnt from them all too, no matter whether they are good or bad.

Work is Troubling, Even on the Road

Right now, I am troubled in the sphere of my work. Finding work while you are travelling the world can be very problematic. My efforts have not produced the results I am striving for. Not yet anyhow and we are stuck in a stasis that is agonising. 

We are being promised daily that the rewards of our labours are only days away, but these promises have been going on for months and we are exhausted by them. I have looked for work to tide us over, found some, but not enough to keep us going and it feels like I am continually hitting dead ends and walls… 

I’m talented and willing to work hard and achieve great things, but the breaks aren’t coming and it’s outrageously frustrating.

I find myself being ridiculed or just ignored by friends for having big dreams. 

I dare to push the boundaries to live a different life, my wife dares with me. We are a team, even if we squabble sometimes. 

UPDATE: Out of the blue, when things could not have been worse, I was offered a job with an amazing digital agency to work for them as a digital marketer… and… I have secured some cool clients for a new youtube marketing and channel management service I set up on Fiverr…. so I’m going to say to you, keep going, even when things look the grimmest.

An Inspiration

We know we are an inspiration to many and that there are many many more who we can inspire, yet algorithms cheat us teaching them because we don’t have the budget. Our travel to Russia has added many more followers to our profiles. RI rage inside against the beast that is capitalism, an ugly 5 headed monster that is way too seductive and enslaves so many. Most have no idea they are slaves. I love the idea of democracy, yet can’t see it being truly offered anywhere.

See the First Video in our Youtube series on travelling in Russia

And I drive and drive and drive… These days it’s across Russia. After a year and a half of driving all over Europe. Can you imagine 45,000km in just 18 months? We saw so much, yet barely touched the sides!


Russia is vast. our trip from west to east is 11,000km alone. and that’s not to the easternmost point, there are no roads leading to there.

Map of our drive from Italy to Vladivostok

Map of our drive from Italy to Vladivostok. It’s an unimaginably long way. 9 timezones for heaven’s sake!


What an enigma Russia is. It’s not as foreign as you would think, nowhere really is, when it’s all boiled down…

The Russians I have met and been lucky enough to become friends with are as good a people as you will find anywhere in the world.

They are kind and generous, rich in culture, well-spoken and erudite. 

I tell people often that the Russians remind me most of Americans and that the countries are more similar to each other than not… I lived in the US for 7 years and am married to an amazing Russian woman and spent almost a year in Russia now. The two countries are incredibly similar in so many ways.

I posted a rave about this on youtube, here it is.

Recently I have asked myself why I think this… Today think I now understand… The Russians, just like the Americans, as countries, have resigned themselves to allowing things to be as they are without question (for the most part). I find this surprising really because both countries are filled with very smart people capable of changing the way things are.

So, what is the reason for this? This is what I think… 

Our World is Sick

Our world is sick from politics and religion (when I say this please don’t mix up your love for god with the politics of religion).

We are all weighed down with the oppression of Governments. Iceland recently declared all religions to be weapons of mass destruction, I think governments need to be classified the same way.

Think about it, would there be any wars if there were no governments? we could still function perfectly well without them, we could even do away with this silliness called passports, (an invention that only came into existence about 150 years ago, by the way). We could group ourselves by language, interest or lifestyle. Create a manifest that ensure all people had an equal say in their local place of living. People would need to unanimously agree to anything that affected them, a blockchain-based system of governance. Where everything that happens is for the betterment of people and the planet instead of profit. A resource-based economy such as the Venus Project.

Profit Isn’t Good for Progress

Profit slows progress and restricts development to only those things that make money and not what’s best for peoples growth and development.

Take automation as an example, it is coming and needed, but it takes away jobs. With a resource-based economy, automation is ideal, the more automated basic things are the cheaper they are to have and create. the more people can access them. In a resource-based system, people have a universal basic income and jobs are not threatened by automation. so it thrives and the people do too. But with our debt-based society, that automation is a threat to jobs. people can’t find work, there is no universal income and people suffer, thus its adoption is much more problematic.

Right now we have governments that are less concerned about creating a better world for all of us and more concerned about their own power and control over us. They are generally contemptuous of their people, considering them mostly to be like cattle that need to be ‘fenced in’ with laws and borders. They then farm us for taxes and at the end of our ‘useful lives’ they provide a meagre pension. Just enough to keep most people alive, but in a perpetual state of despair. The cynic in me knows to is their way of killing us off sooner than later and saving costs without actually butchering anyone. The optimist says they just don’t realise the true harm they are doing. Both are probably right.

Is the Answer Traveling the World?

So here I am, travelling the world and in the middle of our ‘travel to Russia’ Odessey, hoping and dreaming that my business deals complete. That they provide us with the reality we have dreamed about for the last 3 years. Striving to survive in the interim. Working to inspire you with videos, photos and these words…  And driving to discover the truth of the world and share that with you too. 

This is what I have seen these last weeks, the Russia of our travels. Perhaps you are wondering why I’m not giving you descriptions of tours and attractions in St Petersburg and Moscow. I will, sometimes, but the truth is there are thousands of family travel bloggers out there that are doing ONLY that, they will give you opening times and closing times, tell you what to take with you and where to go even if they have never actually been there themselves. This isn’t me, at least not today. Today I speak to the deeper insights that so much travel has given me and some pics of our time in Western Russia.

Some Artistic Impressions of Our Journey
Become Open-Minded

If you want to be more open-minded, travel to Russia and shift the way you see yourself and the world. Travel to china too and to Ghana and anywhere that might scare you. Go to the places your government and its media monkeys are telling you to be scared of. I guarantee that you will be surprised by how much better these places are than you have been told. And how much more the people there are like you than you think they will be.

I really mean it, travel to Russia, to China, to Iran, to Pakistan. Don’t play it safe.  You’re robbing yourself of a balanced worldview. You’re perpetuating the lies and you’re letting them get away with too much.

the road from Moscow to Kazan

the road from Moscow to Kazan

The truth really will set is all free. Our real enemies are the ones that tell us the enemy is over there. They are the ones who seek out and clutch for power over us all. And the ones who will do anything for it. They are in all our countries and we all need to ask ourselves this question.

In this day and age of blockchain and transparency, do we really need to give a small handful of folks so much power to rule over us… 

I say no, and know that we shouldn’t! 

What do you say?


Travel to Russia while you are travelling the world. It’s a beautiful country filled with amazing people to meet (and spend time with) and extraordinary places to see Hit me up below for any specific questions about what to do where. I will be posting more specific on our   Youtube Channel

Travel to Russia, My Thoughts on Politics, the USA and Russia
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Travel to Russia, My Thoughts on Politics, the USA and Russia
We decided to travel to Russia and right now I am sitting in a playground in Tomsk wondering what to do when things aren’t going my way.
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