Flightnetwork Scammed Us in 2019

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DON’T LET FLIGHTNETWORK SCAM YOU TOO…  first up, even though flightnetwork scammed us,  I want to say that I am not a fan of giving bad reviews, but after 4 days of trying to get even just a reasonable outcome with the complete mess that flightnetwork.com made of our booking to the USA, I have given up and I am … Read More

Packing for a Ski Trip

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packing for a ski trip
Packing For a Ski Trip Skiing is one of my most favourite activities on the planet. I started skiing at the age of 2 when my mother dragged me out onto the slopes. I have been addicted ever since. If you’re going on a ski trip for the first time I imagine you will be wondering what you should be ... Read More

Why Do We Have A Shop and Affiliate Links?

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Maybe you are wondering why do we have a shop and offer affiliate links? After all, isn't this a personal blog, the exposé of our nomadic lifestyle? Why are you selling us stuff? We aren't, that's not our purpose anyway. The reasons we put this stuff here are several and I wanted to write this post to clarify our intentions ... Read More

How We Work and Travel in 2019

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Eric - Work and travel
We have been asked many times over the years about how we work and travel. The question we get is more like "How can you afford to travel the way you do?". Some say: "You must be 'trust baby's', you don't know how hard it is for the rest of us!". There are other even more ridiculous ones like that ... Read More