Searching For A Yacht – There is no Perfect Fit

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Searching for a yacht and trying to figure out which yacht you want is a bit of a roller coaster ride. The thing is, I think, if you are not careful, you can basically go round and round in circles.

If I hadn’t had any experience on the water, I think it would be really hard to find the right yacht, basically you would be struggling to know what you’re actually looking for.

For us, the choice to go with a multihull (catamaran) was super simple. The idea of spending ocean crossings on a 45-degree angle was so off-putting that there was really not much thought put into finding a yacht to circumnavigate in. Now, I am not saying there is anything wrong with a traditional yacht and god bless everyone who owns a monohull, it’s just not how we want to spend our passages… Or our anchorages either I guess.

A boat is a floating compromise!

I was told this by someone to long ago to remember who

Beyond that choice, there are a few other things to consider:

  • Performance – Gunboat 55
  • Ease of Handling – Exquisite X5
  • Reliability – Sunreef (all)
  • Comfort – Privilege series 5
  • Safety – Too many to mention

But boats really are a floating compromise, so as with almost everything in life, there is something in almost every Cat we have looked at that we would love to have in ours, but there isn’t a yacht that has all those things in it… not yet anyhow.

Going Green

One really big thing while we are searching for a yacht is to have a yacht that is as green as can be. Now, I have had a few die hard salties tell me I am crazy to want this, but I have also seen too many awesome rigs that have sailed around the world in a yacht with fully electric drive and house systems and a bunch of hybrid offerings that are just too tempting to ignore.

The idea of not having to fire up a diesel engine to run the A/C is so attractive, so exciting that we are researching like crazy.

We think we have found the solution, but I am not ready to declare it here just yet, but I will when we take the plunge.

For now, it is research, research, research. lots of hours online, lots of emails, a bunch of deadness and some really cool contacts that are being super helpful.

Soon we’ll go hunting

We feel like we are going a little crazy trying to figure it all out and soon we will actually start jumping on planes and going to actually see and feel some of the options we haven’t seen yet. eventually and not too long after that, we will bite the bullet and get our cheque book out!

These are some of our preferred options…

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