Buying our Yacht – A Contract in Hand

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Buying our yacht -
Yes, I have a contract in my hand, already countersigned and the day has arrived, we are almost ready. Buying our yacht has been such a big decision for us. Which Yacht, you might be asking. Well, after a ton of back and forth, hours of discussion, and just a dash of weighing things up (that's sarcasm at work here), we ... Read More

Monohulls v’s Catamarans, Buying a Yacht (Part 1)

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Galley xquisite-x5
I might be a libra, but I am generally a very decisive person. Buying a yacht, even just researching which one to buy, is really not easy at all though, but it is fun nonetheless :-) Around we Go in Circles All boats are a floating compromise. Let's face it, choosing anything from a blender in the kitchen to a ... Read More

Monohulls v’s Catamarans – Yachts for Sale (Part 2)

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Picking up from my last post about yachts for sale. I discuss  what we are going through choosing one. We look at the pro's and cons of monohulls v's catamarans.  I share our dilemmas with looking for yachts for sale. Now, I do see that these are 'first world' issues, but I promise you they are real enough when you are ... Read More

Preparing to Sail

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yacht-MOB recovery system
Preparing to Sail for us is all about thinking about safety gear, classes and certification, crew to help us build our experience, scheduling each thing that we need to do before we start, when to start... All this and so much more. Can We Ever Be Prepared Enough? Preparing for a circumnavigation is starting to feel like preparing for a ... Read More