Preparing to Sail

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Preparing to Sail for us is all about thinking about safety gear, classes and certification, crew to help us build our experience, scheduling each thing that we need to do before we start, when to start… All this and so much more.

Can We Ever Be Prepared Enough?

Preparing for a circumnavigation is starting to feel like preparing for a new baby… I am certain we are never going to feel ready, so when we buy the yacht, I have a deal with myself to sit down with the family and decide on a time to start. Then we are going to stick to it and get going!

Education and certification is a big part of our preparing to sail process. We are planning to work with Sailing Virgins in BVI to get our sailing skipper tickets.

We are already adventurers, my auntie thinks we are crazy, Vero’s mum too. My cousin Kipras doesn’t just think it, he is sure we have kangaroos loose in our top paddocks.┬áSometimes I agree with him, after all, we did take our baby to India!

Regardless, I woke up the other day and realised that one day, probably a few years from now, I will be on our yacht and I will sail past a place where I will have officially circumnavigated the world, and I tried to imagine what that would feel like… Basically, it felt so good that I realised I have found my purpose, my frontier and my mission


I will add more about preparing soon…

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