Our Ideas Became a Passion

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Looking back and trying to remember when the exact moment when our ideas became a passion was is rather difficult. It is rather like a switch flipping, something turns from a “Wouldn’t that be fun” type of idea to “We are going, lets get ready now”

What causes this switch to flip? Some sort of validation or inspiration I suspect, maybe a falling away of objections, this could be the trigger actually.

When you stop the internal argument and agree with yourself to do something, there is a big difference in how you approach that thing you are planning to do, but when’s it our ideas became a passion? I don’t know.

For anything to become a passion, it has to light a fire in your soul!

We had talked to buying a yacht for a long time. We rolled the idea around for the last year, so the bug had us for a while.  It was the Whittakers who really cemented the realisation that our ideas became a passion. Their Sailing Zatara youtube channel really caught the whole family and made us prioritise getting the boat to the number 1 position.

Thank you guys for being such a great ‘redneck’ inspiration to our family!



Travel is something our family is addicted to. It is an obsession with us. We drove 40,000km across Europe in this last year, crisscrossing it from North to South and East to West and back again.


Our baby has already visited 32 countries in her two short years of life, she has lived in 5 of them and has two nationalities already!

Getting on a yacht and going to places that no road can take you seems like a very clear and obvious next step. Mind you, we have toyed with the idea of driving from Europe to china Indonesia and Japan then back again through china and Russia as well (this one is staying on our list for sure)

But there is a big challenge and a wonderful romanticism in sailing around the world too. I want to be able to say to myself, I circumnavigated the world! My wife and kids feel exactly the same.

So here we are, getting ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, looking for a yacht to buy, at getting sailing certification, thinking about safety and what we will need… and so much more!


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