Our Walks in New Zealand

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New Zealand Rainbow

We didn’t head to New Zealand all hyped to go tramping (Kiwi for hiking). But we certainly did want to do some walks in New Zealand. I mean who wouldn’t! Nature abounds. The environment is pristine. New Zealanders are a friendly and helpful bunch and we love to get out in nature.

there are some truly spectacular places to walk in NZ too.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

We ventured from almost as far north as you can possibly be on the north island. We then travelled by car always southward until we got to the fjordlands.

So Many Types of Walks

A total of 4 months and many small to medium walks in New Zealand were enjoyed by the whole family, Beach walks on vast open ocean beaches without a soul in sight for miles, mountain climbs close to the peaks of volcanos that were still smouldering (not dangerously close!)  riverside treks past thundering horizontal waterfalls that were  unimaginably powerful and thunderous.

Vita nd Vero in a hot spring river near lake taupo

Some of our favourite hot spring experiences were the reward for a walk in NZ. You can’t imagine how much we love sitting in a hot stream in the middle of a forest!

Some of our really memorable walks just happened to be roadside walks. One particularly gave us one heck of a rainbow!

We will go back, but we want be there in summer. The off seasons are rather to wet for us generally. We definitely want to sail into New Zealand when we can and explore the coast some more.

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