Morning Coffee in Malta

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Vero - Coffee in Malta

We have a Maltese routine now that we have been here for a while, the most important part is going for our morning coffee in Malta. I guess we are coffee addicted, but we are ok with this. Some mornings in Malta we also shop for the family, take the baby to the playground, others we go swimming off the rocks, (less in winter for sure). sometimes it is just a walk on the seashore with a takeaway coffee.

The kids look after each other about half the time, the rest the baby comes with us. We don’t mind either way, even though having a break from the kids is important each day. Vivi is particularly good with the little one

Malta is a crossroads, we have found food items from almost every corner of the world for sale here. Malta is so close to Italy. Close enough that the towns are littered with Sicilian cafes and baristas that love what they do!

Coffee in Malta is an art form. Yet it is still surprisingly difficult to get a really good one. I guess this really is the same everywhere.

We found the best coffee we could and the guys who run this gorgeous little hole-in-the-wall cafe are almost part of the family now!

Enjoy the video!

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