Monohulls v’s Catamarans – Yachts for Sale (Part 3)

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This post is part of a 3 part series of posts about Monohulls v’s Catamarans – Yachts for sale. You can find Part 1 of this series of posts here and Part 2 here.

So, the hot contenders for our attention are… And I guess they are in order of preference right now… Today:

 Exquisite X5


The X5 is a yacht built with ocean cruising in mind. The attention to detail is amazing and the inclusion of the standard yacht are world class. It comes with a solid price tag and, as the name suggests, only in a 50′ configuration. If it was 65′ I wouldn’t look at anything else. We have a couple options, at the time of writing, that can put us on the water in 2019.

Privilege 615


Catamaran Privilege 615

A stunning yacht, particularly the one we found. It is out of production now, and showing it’s age a bit with the newer models out classing it in the styling department, but it is still totally beautiful and a very worthy ocean capable yacht. Helm is more removed from the cockpit than I like, but it’s almost a compromise between a flybridge and a cockpit helm. Weather cover is only just acceptable, I will need to do some work on it to get it to the way I will need it.

Yachts that will need us to have crew:

Fontaine Perjot – Alegria 67

What a Cat! This is a yacht that is designed with a comfortable lifestyle in mind, but the helm is on a flybridge and whilst great, it removes whoever is on duty from the rest of the crew when conditions are anything less than perfect. It has some classic elements that make it feel awesome. Unfortunately we have to order this yacht and so can’t expect to be sailing it this year (2019)

Sunreef 60, maybe 80 too

Again, what a yacht! but there is a waiting list and this is not a yacht we will be able to look at and sail away this year. The proportions are beautiful, the attention to detail incredible, it is a yacht you could call a home really. almost a floating villa! It is also a yacht that will need crew.

To crew or not to crew

For most of us, having crew is not an option. Unless it is friends coming along for the ride and chipping in. For a few, those who can afford it, it can still be a dilemma. Sail shorthanded on a large vessel or take on some crew and blow apart any romantic notions you have about getting away from the world together… Alone.

We are grateful that my work has allowed us to have this difficult choice. We have had innumerable conversations about this choice. The kids recently told us they want to go straight to school now and not spend this year sailing with us. This means we are starting our maiden voyages on a cat with just three of us,  one being under 3. Without a crew,  a larger yacht is out of the question, as it will be too big to handle on our own.

Our lives are about to go through a big shift, we have been a family with a load of kids for quite a while now and trimming back to just one will be a challenge is so many ways. The problem above is a difficult one to figure out. It’s a problem we aren’t sure we have figured out yet.


There is an awesome sailing school in the BVI that we want to join and do a couple of in-depth course with them. We have made contact with them already. We need to learn a lot and rather than muddling through, let’s get the foundational stuff sorted with professionals. This way we can start with good habits in place. We are doing lots of reading too.

A decision for now… Maybe!

The decision we have settled on for now is to start with a smaller catamaran and get ourselves out there. We favour a yacht that is easy to sail shorthanded. A Catamaran designed and built  for transoceanic sailing gets a big tick too. If we really do need some help, then we will find someone to help with the baby, so we are not taking any risks with our safety. hiring a good captain to sail with us for a couple months seems like a great way to learn the ropes first hand too.

The choice is maybe not to choose, but smudge the choices all up together and get out there and figure it out that way. It also occurred to us that we could start smaller and if we fall in love completely, we could upscale later. Seems like a sensible way to proceed.

I’m writing all this stuff, but I really don’t know if it will be on any real interest to anyone, please send me a comment to let me know if I am wasting my time or giving you useful insights!

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