Monohulls v’s Catamarans, Buying a Yacht (Part 1)

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I might be a libra, but I am generally a very decisive person. Buying a yacht, even just researching which one to buy, is really not easy at all though, but it is fun nonetheless 🙂

Around we Go in Circles

All boats are a floating compromise. Let’s face it, choosing anything from a blender in the kitchen to a car is always about weighting up the attributes and making a choice based on them. In other words, making a compromise. Boats add a range of elements that choosing a car doesn’t even come close to!

We have been in a bit of a holding pattern these last weeks. Ok, maybe a bit longer than that. We are waiting on a deal to close. This deal basically allows us to go ahead and buy the boat, pretty much whichever boat we want. Yes, I know, we are in a lucky position, but trust me, we worked hard and made a ton of sacrifices to get here. See our traveling to India with a baby  post.

Leading the life of a networker has it’s real challenges, for instance, I worked from April 2018 to the end of the year on a series of deals, none of which paid off. Not one! I was lucky to land some great work to tide us over and through the  Christmas. All the while we were still waiting for the other deal to close.It can be nerve wracking. Vero and `I went without Christmas presents this year. It feels like we are always scraping the bottom of the barrel at this time of the year.

Considering the above, having a relatively open budget sounds like a dream. I can assure you it comes with it’s own issues, try looking at yachts to buy from 50′ tp 77′ and making a choice from the many amazing yachts you have to choose from!

Lagoon seventy7 - Buying a yacht

The gorgeous Lagoon Seventy 7 – a magnificent yacht on our list.

We are narrowing it it down now, but we are also widening the net sometimes. I’ll share.

What we are looking for

We started out looking at mono’s, you know, the classic experience thing. I can be a purist sometimes. Now I am a boatie, but not so much a yachtie. Still, I do know that the length of a yacht improves speed and stability. so I was being really ambitious and looking at yachts around 30m (90’+). I found some awesome yachts for sale here in Europe. but they were really big hey! I could go on about this here, but I will leave it at… A huge deal at a marina and it would need crew for sure.but when you leave yourself open to a 2m or less budget, you can find a lot of boat in mono’s.

As I looked around, at  more and more yachts for sale I started to muse about catamarans. You see, I know they are way more comfortable. It’s not the first time I thought about buying a yacht. The way a monohull yacht heels over was one of the things as a coastal boat person that kept me in the egg beaters for years, plus the speed and the comfort. Sometimes I would trim a Sunseeker I had so it rode as though it were under sail, just for laughs. I did love going sailing with friends, but I was always grateful that I didn’t have to always heel over any time I took my boat anywhere.

A few things happened. first those memories and a couple well positioned comments from yachting friends. I started to have some doubts about why I wanted a monohull. Then I stumbled on the Whitaker family sailing Zatara and their adventures in becoming sailors by going to see and I finally remembered the cat v’s mono story. The cat’s won the day, I stopped looking at mono’s and focused my attention on the cat’s.

Is bigger really better?

I quickly came down in size in my searches, right back to 50′. Now I know that still sounds big, but imagine being 1000 miles from anywhere in the middle of an ocean.  Then ask yourself, what size yacht would you like to be on?

The thing is, it’s actually not an easy question to answer, especially when you throw all the other many and varied elements into the mix. Buying a yacht is anything but simple.

Continued in part 2

P.S. Please send me your thoughts, I want to know if this is interesting to you or not.

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