In Malta… Working & Waiting

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Malta sunrise

Here we are, in the Southern most part of Europe, Malta, maybe the smallest nation in Europe and a really delightful place.

We have a lovely apartment looking over the central harbour here and enjoy watching the water change from one hour to the next along with the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

We are looking at some yachts, considering whether to make this our EU home base and doing tons of research.

It’s fun, the kids just finished their first term of school, seems too early to Vero and I, so we are going to give them some extra studies. This is also a bit of preparing because we won’t be able to rely on online classes when we get on the yacht and are in remote places. Internet can be an issue in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!


I have also taken on a great job that I am really excited about. I am helping him to structure business that will sell solar powered recreational boating operation, first in Malta. He plans to set up operators for them all over Europe.

They are cool little round boats that are kind of like floating picnic tables. You can drive out into a bay or harbour and enjoy a waterfront meal with friends and family.

My new partner started renting them in Dubai and it was a big success. He brought the idea here and found me to help him sell the idea as a turn key business opportunity.

It’s actually an incredible business model that has returned them a 334% ROI over 5 years. Let me know if you are interested in setting up in your town.

Next week we will head up to St Petersburg to visit family.


We are also waiting for the proceeds of a deal… I won’t go into details, but it is what will pay for the yacht!

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