Getting Lost is Not an Issue

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I remember when you could go to a new city and getting lost was just too easy. When I say lost I really mean completely lost… Absolutely no idea where you are and what direction you are going.

But these days it is virtually impossible, we use a combination of

Waze (app)

Google Maps (app)

and sometimes

Apple’s Map (app).

They help us to navigate using any combination of our feet, our car, trains, buses, aeroplanes (I noticed they added a hitchhiking option in google maps now too). They give us route options, traffic conditions, locations of speed traps, bus and train schedules weather conditions and more.

On the water, we have devices such as chart plotters, radar, and sonar to help us find our way. Then there are weather, wind, and swell report services such as PredictWind to make the process of planning a journey and executing it much safer than ever before.

Predictwind will allow you to set a starting location and a destination and it will plot out a series of alternate courses.  It will give you the best, safest, fastest routes, along with the best departure times. You can base your choices on several different weather predictions.

This alone is an incredible tool for working out when to leave and the best way to go to get to where you want to go.

Everyone has their favourite brands and I sometimes think the preference comes down to which one was the system you started using first!

“Live your life by a compass not a clock.” .

Another great source of navigation information is the people you meet on your travels. More often than not they have great hints and advice to share with you. Buy them a drink and they might even share the places they don’t tell everyone about!

There are beautiful places to find in this amazing world and with the nav systems, we have at our fingertips these days. Why not get out there and see them!

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