Buying our Yacht – A Contract in Hand

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Buying our yacht -

Yes, I have a contract in my hand, already countersigned and the day has arrived, we are almost ready. Buying our yacht has been such a big decision for us. Which Yacht, you might be asking. Well, after a ton of back and forth, hours of discussion, and just a dash of weighing things up (that’s sarcasm at work here), we decided to go for the Xquisite X5 Sail.

The exterior
Our girl

She is still at the factory, they are still piecing her together. Right now her name is Hull #008. Not much of a name really, but she is much more beautiful than her current name suggests.

Buying our Yacht - Hull #008 backThe Xquisite yachts were born out of a design first penned around the end of the Naughty’s. It was called the Dean back then and it was the hit of a couple 2013 shows.  It never really made it into production. until it became the Xquisite X5. (I am not very beefed up on its history)

During those early years, they shaved 6 ton off the weight and refined the design specifically to cater to ocean cruisers looking for a perfect liveaboard set up. Now, I have seen a lot of yachts that have been designed to be useable as liveaboard yachts, but very few are designed especially to be liveaboards from top to bottom. Especially when even the factory maintenance system is designed for it too.

Buying our Yacht - Hull #008 side

There are features like a built-in tool cabinet with a range of spares, all specifically tailored to the yacht, and designed after 5 years of sailing it hard and knowing what parts are really most likely to be needed.

A back-to-base service and maintenance program that monitors the whole boat system and alerts us and the factory of any issues, they can then send help in the way of instructions or even a techie, with spares, if needed. This all happens in the background.

The interior
What’s important to us…

There are so many special features that it is hard to think where to start, but maybe the ones that mean the most to us is a good place:

  • A yacht with the galley on the main deck. This allows the cook not to feel locked away from the centre of activity when cooking.
  • A helm connected to the cockpit. It’s the same deal as with the galley, but kind of more important. Being able to communicate easily with the rest of the family, when stuff needs doing and quickly.
  • A yacht that sails shorthanded easily. This is a big one with the two older kids deciding to head off to school now. We are loosing 2 sets of hands before we even start. (It’s been a tough choice too because we are really going to miss them and they are going to miss out on a really fun next stage in our adventure too)
Some other things that matter to us

There are a few other things that tipped the scales:

  • Sheets are actually run through channels in the deck, all the ropes are captured. So there are much fewer things to trip over especially for the baby.
  • Stout weather rails. This yacht has stainless steel ones that are really sturdy. Again, a big deal with the baby
  • Big solar power capacity. With over 1800w of high capacity glass panels, an oversized LIthium Ion battery bank, and a variable speed intelligent Genset, we can go further and longer on less fuel
  • Fast and big aluminium RIB. We want a good car for our new home aluminium is better than Glass in our minds
  • A design that really took shorthanded sailing seriously. Things like a self-tacking jib, really intelligent helm layout, automated power management systems, redundancy in critical systems etc
  • Tons of smartly set up storage
  • And a slew of other things

All the way through our determinations, we made compromise after compromise with each yacht we looked at. I guess with this one, we settled on it because we made the least number of compromises choosing it.


We are lucky. Buying an unbuilt yacht means you have to wait a long time to get it. Much longer than we wanted to wait, but we got lucky. We take delivery in Tortola, BVI. How it came about to be in production but was still available to buy, I don’t know, in all the back and forth, I didn’t ask!

I am excited to have it delivered to the BVI too, A great way to start I think! In so many ways I feel so blessed, but at the same time, This is all happening due to a mountain of determination on our part. Tons of hard work, literally years of sacrifice by all of us to get to where we are right now. Our own fortitude is our real blessing.

I found a meme a while back. I thought I had seen them all, but somehow this one had evaded me until that moment (or maybe I hadn’t been ready before to read its message). It basically said:

“Two things define you as a person:

Your patience when you have nothing

Your attitude when you have everything”

This hit me like a bullet. I read it during one of our “oh crap we have run out of money again” moments. It was a particularly difficult one (but I won’t go into the details). I was feeling really down and struggling hard with it. The message could not have come at a better moment, and it has kept me going since. I think I saw it when I did, to keep me humble when things finally did turn around!

Contract in hand

I am sitting here with the contract in hand, waiting for one more thing to happen before buying our yacht. The one thing that seals the deal for us. This might happen today, or maybe tomorrow, maybe on Monday, I don’t know.

All I know is that it is nerve-racking and bloody exciting to be buying our yacht. I don’t know whether to cry or laugh, I suspect I will do both!

Ready… Set…

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