All Roads Lead to Home

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Surrounding mountains hallali

We have been without a house we can call home for such a long time now. Honestly, we are actually. ok with it, but for one simple thing. It will be nice to have a place where we can keep all our precious things in one place. That we don’t have to rifle through boxes to find!

We’ve traveled all over the world

We have travelled all over the world in the last 10 years or more and there are only two places that really felt like home to us on that deeper level. These might sound strange to the people that are closest to us, but those places are Bali and Switzerland.

So we have decided to finally do something about it. We have found a lovely chalet in Switzerland, very close to where Eddie and Vivi and saying they want to go to school. We are going to go ahead and buy it and make it our home base in the EU.

For us it will be our Home (Rome) and all our travels will now ultimately lead back to this place.

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

Villars sur Ollon.

This is where we will put down some roots. The reality is, that we will not stop travelling.  Villars will be the centre of our lives and the place you can find our home. It is a lovely town. 1200m above sea level in above the Rhone valley not far from Montreux in the south of Switzerland. It really is a town, and this suits us just fine as we are ‘townsfolk’ at heart. We love a big city, but given the choice, we prefer to live in a non urban environment. Villars has an amazing ski field that rises above the town to a max altitude of something around 3000m. While it isn’t a hardcore skiers playground, it is a perfect location for many days of family skiing.

Within a 2 hour drive of there we can access something like 50 other ski fields including the famous Verbier (only 1 hour away) and Mont Blanc. Within an hour we can be in Geneva. Milan is a few hours drive, Austria the same… In fact, it feels like the centre of the world to us with so many places so close and in easy range.

The Road Home

All our roads will lead to this home for us now. At least in the very near future they will and the family that has been without a home for so many years, will soon be able to tell everyone where their home is.  Even when we are on Sea Forever in the South Pacific!  Sea Forever will be our second home.

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