We Are the Roberts' Family

A traveling family circumnavigating the World ANY WAY WE CAN.

Our oldest daughter Valé (not in this photo) is in NZ and our middle daughter Vivi (far left) is in Siberia. We all hope they will join again us soon!

Some Details

We decided to leave our life of adventure on the land and sail around the world instead.

We knew that we had to learn everything along the way. You could describe us as reckless people, but we really are very adventurous. We also decided that we wanted to share this next step in our life adventure with our family and friends, because so many were already following our adventures on land.

So we have built this site and set up accounts on the following networks including:

  • Pinterest
  • Youtube 
  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Bloglovin 

...and a few other social media profiles. It's all a bit complicated these days I think, too many options to connect.

We had thought a lot about buying a boat but didn't have the resources to do it... but we are working on it. In the meantime we are going around the world by any means possible. 

Our Family is

Father of the clan and a serial traveller, I am Eric (also known as Papa and dad). I guess I am a jack of all trades. I have a temper too and can be a bit difficult, but I have a good heart and mean well. I have had short hair, long hair, dreadlocks and no hair over the years, but basically I am a hippy at heart!

I’m a tough dad and I think dad’s need to be tough, the kids might complain, but I am certain they will all come to me when they have grown up and say thank you.

I sometimes struggle to admit I am wrong, but will eventually come around.



We were already travellers before we met, both drawn to Bali for reasons we can't explain. The interesting thing was we arrived there within days of each other, but it took us a couple months to actually meet and another year to get together. We didn't talk to each other much during that year. It turned out that we were both thinking often of each other.

Finally we managed to meet up and spend some time together going to ecstatic dance, riding around Bali on motor scooters with friends, climbing volcanos and generally having fun. A year of wondering "what if" and some time together quickly culminated in us moving into a new bamboo house.

The amazing thing was, we weren't even a couple when we decided to get the house and move in together, and we did it within a day of making the decision...

... We have barely been apart since that day!


Family History

Life begins together, adventures, fun and laughter, but also lots of quarrels.

It can be hard work getting to know each other. We had both had failures in the past that left us reeling and lost for long periods of time.

We are both determined to not let that happen again. We talk about kids, well maybe it’s more than just talk!

Family FAQ's


The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.


We started this blog in early 2019 when we thought we were about to buy a yacht and go sailing... but the deal we weregoingto finance the purchase with still hasn't paid out, but we are still traveling.

Honestly, we have virtually no experience in sailing. I have sailed a total of maybe 2-4 weeks altogether. Bareboat charters in the Whitsunday Islands in Australia. I have owned boats for a large part of my life (except the last 10 years) so I have some knowledge of boating in general, I have owned farms too, know how to fix things and I am a fast learner.

My family, none of them, except maybe Valé, have set foot on a yacht before, just the occasional ferry ride really is all they have done...

So we have a lot to learn, all of us, but lack of knowledge is not going to stop us, nor is a lack of experience... all these we will gain along the way.

We all know that these are things we can acquire along the way.

Eric 🙂

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